Welcome to the 214Ready Blog! On this site, we will highlight the various ways in which District 214 is preparing students to be college and career ready.

Our District believes students’ readiness should not be measured by a single standardized test score, which is why, in the Spring of 2015, District 214 co-launched Redefining Ready!, a national campaign that introduces a multi-metric approach to more appropriately assess whether students are ready for postsecondary success.

This school year, our Board of Education approved revised District goals that incorporate the Redefining Ready! criteria.

In this blog, you’ll read about students, alumni, staff and programs that meet various Redefining Ready! indicators, such as co-curricular participation, Advanced Placement success, dual-credit coursework and internship experiences.

If you’re interested in writing, or have a suggestion for future posts, please send an email to linda.ashida@d214.org or jennifer.delgado@d214.org.

Linda Ashida and Jen Delgado