The power of a hashtag!

A quick search of #214Ready or #214Learns will reveal real-time examples of what learning looks like in District 214 and how we are teaming with students, parents and our communities to prepare students to be college, career and life ready. 


#214Learns and #214Ready are two of the more commonly used hashtags to share resources and examples of learning in action across our district. Ultimately, the use of the hashtag has the power to break down classroom walls and connect learning across schools and communities in District 214 and beyond.

At this point, maybe you are wondering, "What is the difference between #214Learns and #214 Ready?"  Let's clarify!


  • Examples of student learning in action.
  • Examples of professional learning experiences.
  • Resources related to learning theory and practice.


These hashtags are used daily throughout the year, unlike some of the other one-day hashtags tied to a specific event or day such as #214FirstDay and #214OneDay.  Also note that you don't need a social media account to search the hashtags and see learning in action in District 214.