Did You Know? October is National College and Career Readiness Month

A message from Superintendent David R. Schuler: 

October is Redefining Ready! month in High School District 214: a month dedicated to promoting the opportunities educators are providing our students to demonstrate postsecondary readiness and the awesome things our students are accomplishing to make them Career, College and Life ready.

We've already talked a lot about Redefining Ready!, a national movement we launched last year in partnership with AASA, The School Superintendents Association, to change the dialogue on what makes our students ready to succeed after they leave our schools. Redefining Ready! readiness indicators include co-curricular participation, attendance, completion of Advanced Placement and dual-credit courses and community service. Our Board of Education recently adopted the Redefining Ready! indicators as part of our official District instructional goals.

We’ll be spending much of the month talking with stakeholders and educators from across our communities, the region and the nation about why our students cannot be defined by, or reduced to, a single score on a single test. Some of these conversations will be happening in our buildings, so others can see the impact of what you're doing every day to prepare our students for success.

This month solidifies our commitment to Redefining Ready! and to the reality that our students learn in a variety of ways and should be able to demonstrate readiness in a variety of ways.

You live that mission every day. Together, we are taking back the conversation on public education. I encourage you to be part of Redefining Ready! month, and celebrate all that we accomplish.

To learn more about the initiative, and sign up to show your support for the campaign, visit www.RedefiningReady.org.