2019 Ennis Nominee: Doug Millsaps

Doug Millsaps

Doug Millsaps

Student engagement and excitement have increased in physical education courses at Rolling Meadows High School due to Doug Millsaps’ hard work.

Several years ago, Millsaps began researching technology to implement into his strength and conditioning courses. After looking into different techniques and visiting various universities, Millsaps was able to bring EliteForm to Rolling Meadow. This has been a significant game changer for students.

Our students have excelled and embraced this system with life-changing results.
— Doug Millsaps

With EliteForm, students are able to view their fitness gains, film their lifting in the weight room, track their progress and follow an individualized strength and conditioning program. Students can track their progress on a minute, daily, weekly and yearly basis. The daily reports are available to parents and coaches, as well.

The program allows students and educators to assess each specific lift and movement while measuring velocity rates and power watts. The students and the instructor can review these results using charts, graphs and video replay. They are also able to diagnose possible technique flaws or more recent injuries based on immediate results.

Millsaps says the program has improved communication with students and increased their motivation. Students have not only experienced impressive results but now have the knowledge and tools to evaluate their performance, he says. They can also share their improvement with others.

During site visits at Rolling Meadows, superintendents and school leaders have observed the program in action, leading them to implement it into their own schools.

“This is one of the best programs I have ever been associated with in my 34 years of education,” says Millsaps. “Our students have excelled and embraced this system with life-changing results.”