College Indicators

GPA 2.8 out of 4.0 and one or more of the following benchmarks:

◻ Advanced Placement Exam (3+)
◻ Advanced Placement Course (A, B or C)
◻ Dual Credit College English and/or Math (A, B or C)
◻ College Developmental/Remedial English and/or Math (A, B or C)
◻ Algebra II (A, B or C)
◻ International Baccalaureate Exam (4+)
◻ College Readiness Placement Assessment*

*Standardized Test benchmarks (minimum score)
SAT Exam:  Math (530)    |    Reading and Writing (480)
ACT Exam:  English (18)    |    Reading (22)    |    Science (23)    |    Math (22)

Additional Factors that Contribute to College Success
Earning As, Bs, Cs; FAFSA Completion; Enrollment in career pathway course sequence; College Academic Advising; Participation in College Bound Bridge Programs; Senior year math class; Completion of a math class after Algebra II

Career Indicators

Career Cluster Identified and two or more of the following benchmarks:

◻ 90% Attendance
◻ 25 hours of Community Service
◻ Workplace Learning Experience
◻ Industry Credential
◻ Dual Credit Career Pathway Course
◻ Two or more organized Co-Curricular activities

Life Indicators

Our nation’s high schools provide social and emotional support and experiences to equip students with the life skills they will need for success in their future. While little research exists in the LIFE READY realm, AASA and the Redefining Ready! campaign are currently studying how to best measure these life ready skills.

Stay tuned for updates on Life Ready indicators.